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On March 31 we celebrate Bethany Wake’s Birthday.

Bethany was a passionate advocate for the poor and disadvantaged. Her legacy and heart for women suffering from obstetric fistula lives on today through Bethany’s family and friends.

Sadly, Bethany passed away in 2011 at the age of 15 from a brain tumour, but the funds she has inspired to be raised through the Bethany Wake fund for CBM has seen over $200,000 directed to maternal child health and the treatment of fistula in Africa.

Bethany would have turned 28 years old this year, so we are asking Bethany’s supporters and our incredible CBM family to please consider contributing $28 to the passionate legacy of Bethany, to continue this important work.

For many women in poverty giving birth can still be extremely dangerous.

Fistula is a preventable and treatable condition, but millions of women in Africa don’t have access to adequate healthcare.

Your contribution of $28 today can help support the training of local healthcare workers, ensure expectant mothers are referred to hospitals to help deliver babies safely and treat women with fistula.

Bethany inspired her loved ones to change the lives of vulnerable women in Africa, please help us ensure that Bethany’s compassion and kindness continues to have a lasting impact.