A short video that explores what a disability-inclusive Christian community looks like using examples drawn from real life.

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Video transcript

Have you ever wondered what a disability inclusive Christian community looks like?

One of the best ways to understand is to hear examples from people with disabilities who have felt welcome and like they belong.

Here are some ideas based on real life experiences of Christian people with disabilities where they have felt welcome and belonging at church.

My needs have already been thought of and accommodated. Accessibility is woven into the space and inclusion is reflected in the attitudes of the people in the community.

I am encouraged to serve and minister to others not just being ministered to.

I am invited to contribute to worship services being able to share my unique insights and experiences of faith.

I’m encouraged to express my faith in more than just words.

My disability is not seen as something that needs to be cured but just seen as another part of who I am.

I can form genuine relationships with people without disabilities.

I’m recognised and valued for my contributions.

I can fully participate in all aspects of community life.

I’m respectfully asked about my experience of church and how included I’m feeling.

My behaviours are accepted i can fully be myself I don’t have to wear a mask of who I truly am at church.

Implementing these visions of inclusion might seem overwhelming.

However, through incremental achievable steps we believe your church can move towards Transformation.

The blessings of taking on this journey with people with disabilities is creating vibrant Christian communities, reflecting the diversity of God’s Kingdom.