A short video on rethinking our values and how we apply them to people with disabilities through the lens of Jesus’s teachings.

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Video transcript

How do you view people with disabilities? Do you see them as the weak, the needy, the hopeless? Maybe you have a more positive outlook and see the actions of people with disabilities as remarkable, amazing, and inspiring.

However you view people with disabilities, these perspectives often originate from our society’s focus on abilities and defining us by these alone.

The Bible reminds us that our opinion of what is wise or strong or capable is very different from God’s. We know that god selected for his own purposes. Many who were unlikely, unsuitable, elderly or disabled. In fact, two of his most prominent mouthpieces, Moses and Paul, had physical impediments for their task.

You see if a person’s disability is already a barrier we can make it harder for them to feel a sense of belonging in our church settings. If our words, actions, facilities or attitudes unwittingly exclude them.

We should remember a church isn’t a building. It’s the people in it. And Jesus calls us to love and care for one another.

When we see the church through God’s eyes we see how each of us regardless of our abilities has a role to play.

We see that whether or not we have a disability, we are just as needy and worthy of his salvation,
just as loved and treasured by God, just as valuable a part of his church.

In the end, we’re all just as welcome at his banquet table.