Will you answer the prayer of a child who is starving?

The UN estimates more than two million people in Zimbabwe are facing starvation from severe droughts and cyclones.

Families in poverty are facing a life-and-death struggle. And children and families living with disabilities are the most vulnerable.  CBM is on the ground dedicated to helping them.

So please don’t delay – make your online gift NOW. Because every second and every life counts.

Please will you say “Yes!” to doing God’s work in Zimbabwe.

We need your help

  • $75 will give 12 children with disabilities life-saving food supplies to help them survive this crisis.
  • $100 will help provide families with access to clean water, helping to keep them safe from killers like cholera and dysentery.
  • $150 will help provide three breeding goats for a family living with disability, which will provide a source of milk, income and a pathway to future self-sufficiency.

DONATE and save a child’s life

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