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Urgent Turkana Food Crisis: Your gift will help save precious lives

As you read this, close to one million people in Turkana, are at risk of starvation. Some 300,000 households have a person with disability, making it significantly harder for them to access life-saving food, water and medicine.

These are the most vulnerable people. The most at risk. We MUST help them before it’s too late.

The crisis in Turkana is critical

Turkana, located in the northern region of Kenya, has experienced five consecutive seasons of drought.

People are starving. One million people live in Turkana. An estimated 300,000 households have a person with disability. Making it significantly harder for them to seek and find food, water and life-saving medicine.

Your gift today will help provide people with disabilities access to life-saving food, clean water, medicine and mobility aids.

Your urgent help is needed NOW!

People with disabilities need our URGENT help

Young Dahabo is just 19.

Her family have lost everything. Their livestock are all gone. The local water source has dried up. Their crops have failed. Again, and again.

They have nothing. Only hope…

“The drought has become extremely bad. We don’t know what will become of the people because the drought is so severe. We are just living on hope.

Hope will not bring life-saving food, water and medicine into the homes of people with disabilities. It will not provide them with mobility aids to help them join queues for food.

But hope is all people like Dahabo have left.

Your gift today can save lives!

Your gift will go to where it’s needed most

The CBM team has already identified 4,000 families at especially high risk. These people need our urgent help now!

Your gift will help people with disabilities get access to life-saving food, clean water, medical supplies and mobility aids.

The situation has become desperate, and lives are at stake. If you can save even just one life today, we will be so grateful for your help. 

Please make an urgent gift NOW, to help people survive this devastating crisis.