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… because of kind and caring people like you supporting the antibiotic drug distribution programs, through CBM and other members of a global alliance of INGOs.  
But even as we celebrate this truly historic win, we can’t stop yet. 
We urgently need to build on this success and push hard onto the next phase of the battle… the WASH program.  
Please, will you help us WASH AWAY the misery of Trachoma for good?  

Trachoma is an agonising eye infection, that causes a person’s eyelid to flip inwards, so that their eyelashes scrape painfully against the surface of the eye.  
It causes permanent blindness.  
We cannot stand by and let this horrifying eye infection surge back up again in these vulnerable communities, who have so recently been set free. 
But the trouble is, most of the villages and areas who were being ravaged by the blinding misery of Trachoma have no source of clean water.  
And without access to clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Trachoma WILL come back – spreading and ravaging these vulnerable communities once again.  
Please join us now, to help eliminate the source and spread of Trachoma once and for all through WASH programs.

Map of regions effected by Trachoma

Thank you for caring about the world’s most vulnerable people, and for helping WASH AWAY the misery of Trachoma for good, in the communities we serve together.