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You can help Shalom break free from a cruel cycle of poverty and disability, for good

Shalom is going blind because she has cataracts in both her eyes.  

With your gift today, she can get the eye surgery she needs to see.  

All Shalom wants is the same opportunities that her peers have. But every day, her hopes and dreams slip a little further away.  

Without help, Shalom could remain trapped forever in the cruel cycle of poverty and disability, ignored and overlooked if a crisis ever strikes her village. 

Your kind gift today will help her get sight-saving cataract surgery, before it’s too late.  

Please give Shalom the urgent cataract surgery she needs, before her sight is gone forever.  

Every day, Shalom sits alone on the veranda, playing with her doll. She isn’t able to play with the other children.  

Instead, they jeer at her: Eh Shalom talaba! Oh, Shalom is blind! 

Her mum Fridah says, 

“The other children won’t play with her. Everything happens too fast for her. She is ignored and knocked down. She cries and comes to me, and plays in solitude.”  

Play is probably the most important way small children learn how to interact with each other. But Shalom is being left out. If she doesn’t get the sight-saving surgery she needs, Shalom could be held back for the rest of her life. 

You can help Shalom SEE.  

Tragically, it’s not just play that Shalom is missing out on. Her teachers told Fridah to take Shalom out of school, because she can no longer see the blackboard.  

If Shalom cannot get back to school, what chance does she have of passing exams, gaining skills, and earning a living?  

Kind and caring CBM supporters like you can make a huge difference for people living with the double disadvantage of extreme poverty, and treatable disabilities.  

Today, will you help Shalom get the surgery she needs, before it’s too late?  
Fridah’s mum tells us,  

“Shalom asks me, ‘Mummy, am I going to school today?’ I tell her she will go back when her sight is better. But I do not know if it will ever be better. She tries to read and write on her own. She bends very close to the book to try and see.” 

Your kind gift today will help Shalom see again, go back to school and break free from poverty.  

Please donate today to help Shalom break free from poverty and disability. 

Help her SURVIVE. 

Help her SEE. 

Shalom’s family live in extreme poverty. They barely get by.  

The cost of eye care is simply beyond their means. Your kind heart and giving spirit can make the impossible happen today by helping Shalom see. 

Can you imagine what would happen if a drought or flood hit Shalom’s home right now?  

She would be at risk of being ignored and forgotten. People with disabilities often are in a crisis. She and her family would struggle to get access to emergency food and water supplies, stuck at the back of every queue.  

Your gift today can stop that from happening.  

Please restore Shalom’s sight with a precious gift today and help protect her from risk in a crisis.  

You can help a child like Shalom rise above blindness and break free from the cruel cycle of poverty and disability for good. Thank you for your kind and caring heart.  

“May the favour of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us – yes, establish the work of our hands.”

Psalm 90:17