Thank you for transforming Shalom’s life!

It’s Shalom’s first day back at school after missing two terms because of her sight loss. But now, she can see! She’s looking very smart in her school uniform and she’s ready to get going!

Shalom was so happy to be back at school with her friends, and not missing out anymore.

Shalom plays with the other children with renewed confidence, now that she can see with her amazing new glasses!

“I was Shalom’s teacher when she could not see. She was very shy and kept to herself. Now, she can write on the chalkboard in front of the class. She plays with others. She can see. Thank you for what you did for her!”

– Teacher Mercy, Shalom’s classroom teacher

Now that Shalom can see what’s going on in class she can join in like never before!

Shalom will no longer be left behind. She can now have the education she needs to help her break free from the cycle of poverty and get on a path towards a successful future. With the help of her glasses, Shalom can now get up to write on the very same chalkboard she was unable to see before.

Shalom laughs and squeals with delight as she plays with her friends in the school playground! She is beaming with happiness and has a newfound sense of belonging.

“You have given my daughter what I could never give her without your help. I pray that God blesses you. I cannot stop saying thank you.”

– Fridah, Shalom’s mother

Shalom is visited by Benard, a Low Vision Therapist with CBM’s hospital partner, to assess her vision improvement since surgery. He brings low vision books and a special writing board to help Shalom with reading and writing at school.

After school, Shalom tells her mum all about what she studied and the games she played with her class friends. She and her mum can’t stop smiling! Shalom’s improved vision means she can now help her mum fetch water for the family, navigating the rough terrain on her own. She loves to be involved in the home activities and chats away to her mum as they walk together.

“We really appreciate CBM for the good support they are giving these children to improve their lives so they are able to study with other children.”

– Benard, Low Vision Therapist supporting Shalom at school

Shalom now wakes up excited to spend the day learning with friends at school. You made this possible for her. And because of you, Shalom has a bright future ahead of her.

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