Please help people like Vincent who are praying to God they will not go blind

Vincent’s story shows how hard it is to escape the cycle of poverty and blindness.

Because Vincent was poor, he took the only job he could find – working as a poorly paid contract labourer for a diamond-digging company on a riverbank infested with blackflies that carry the River Blindness parasite.

He was bitten over and over again. As the larvae grew, they caused unbearable pain and itching beneath Vincent’s skin.

And then he began to lose his vision too.

“Jesus said to him, ‘Receive your sight; your faith has healed you’.”

Luke 18:42
Four antibiotics to treat River Blindness in the palm of a man's hand.

Your donation can save someone from River Blindness

Vincent is already blind in one eye. What if he goes blind in the other eye too?

Blindness has kept Vincent poor, unable to complete his education, or learn new skills. And now he is terrified the same fate awaits his children!

But there is hope. And it’s simple. A dose of antibiotics that kill the parasites, given once a year for 10 years, will fully protect someone from River Blindness for life.

You can help provide sight-saving medication to seven times as many families like Vincent’s who live in high-risk River Blindness regions.