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You can help start a River of Kindness that will end the misery of River Blindness, once and for all

70-year-old Mama Muni is completely blind. Every day, she sits in darkness, alone and discouraged. But it wasn’t always this way. 

When she was a young woman, Mama Muni thrived, working hard and caring for her husband and two children. But then River Blindness came, and robbed her of sight…

“I have now been blind half my life. I don’t go anywhere. It’s a miserable life.”

This misery HAS TO STOP. And it can, with your help. Please help send sight-saving medication to some of the last remaining hotspots  being threatened by River Blindness.

Four antibiotics to treat River Blindness in the palm of a man's hand.

You can help free Mama Muni’s village from the threat of River Blindness, forever.

The impact of your gift will be multiplied SEVEN times – IF you give before 30 June.

River Blindness is caused by the bite of an infected blackfly. This bite transfers a parasitic worm to its victim, laying eggs under the skin… which hatch into thousands of larvae that torment the person.

The worms cause severe itching. And once they reach their victims eyes, they eat away at the optic nerves and cause irreversible blindness.

Many people in Mama Muni’s village have already gone blind from this horrific disease…

“I’m not happy at all. My husband went blind before he died, and many of my friends have gone blind also. I always wished that my children would have a better life than me, but they became blind too.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can help eliminate the misery of River Blindness, forever.

One of CBM’s partner organisations has donated all the sight-saving medication needed to protect Mama Muni’s community (and the last remaining hotspots of infection) from the threat of River Blindness, forever.

Now we need YOUR help to distribute this medication to those last remaining areas who are still being ravaged by River Blindness. Please donate today.


Start a River of Kindness today to wash away the misery of River Blindness, forever!

And, the impact of your gift will be multiplied an incredible SEVEN times!

When we talk about a River of Kindness, we are talking about a flow of kindness and love for all God’s children…

…from caring CBM supporters like you…

…into communities like Mama Muni’s. A river that will wash away the misery of River Blindness for everyone it touches.

This is what it will to take to end the misery of River Blindness. A lot of work has been done to eliminate River Blindness, and we’re almost there. This is the final push to target the last remaining hotspots.

Please join us today, because together, we really can wash away the misery of this horrific disease. 

Mama Muni sitting at her home

Mama Muni has already gone blind.

So have her two children, and many of her friends.

As tragic as this is, there’s something even worse. You see, Mama Muni has grandchildren. So far, they haven’t contracted River Blindness. But without your help, it’s only a matter of time.

Please help us break this cycle of misery and pain by donating today. Your gift will help protect the precious sight of these children, and wash away the misery of River Blindness, forever.

As the greatest commandment says: “...Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and ’Love your neighbour as yourself’.”

Luke 10:27