Kenya Drought Crisis: Every minute counts in the race to save lives

Right now in Kenya, an estimated 5.4 million people face starvation and extreme water shortages. Half of them are children. And the problem is set to double if action is not taken immediately.

Your urgent help is needed NOW!

You can help people with disabilities get access to emergency food, clean water, medical supplies and mobility aids like crutches and wheelchairs.

Why is Kenya in crisis?

Drought has been affecting Kenya for the past eight years, another failed rainy season in early 2022 caused this year’s harvest to fail too. Food prices are spiralling, livestock are dying in their tracks, and people are dying too.

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the Kenyan economy, resulting in job losses and supply-chain breakdown.

The war in Ukraine has made food shortages worse and distracted the attention of the international aid community. The world is looking the other way. But we cannot!

Your urgent help is needed NOW!

Every day, families are queuing for water from a source that is running dry

Imagine trying to keep your family alive on a few cupfuls of dirty water from the bottom of a dried-out hole.

People who live in this dry and dusty land are facing disaster. Their wells are running dry, their harvests have failed, and they desperately need our help.

Please help people with disabilities get access to the food, water and medical supplies they need to survive this deadly drought.

People with disabilities are doubly disadvantaged and their situation is now dire

Julius, 46, is blind in one eye. People with disabilities, like Julius, face an even greater danger in an crisis, as they often struggle to reach help in time. Their lives are on the line.

CBM is already on the ground working hard to help the most vulnerable. We have identified thousands of families with disabilities, all of whom need our urgent help NOW. Before it’s too late.

Your urgent support can make all the difference!

You have the power to help one person, to save one life today

You can help a vulnerable person with a disability get urgent access to food and water supplies.

You can help a family with disabilities get access to medicine and other medical supplies.

You can help provide access to essential mobility aids like crutches or a wheelchair for someone who won’t be able to reach food and water queues without them.

Every second counts. And every donation counts. Please will you rush your urgent gift to us today?

It WILL save lives.