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Your gift can unlock a girl's amazing potential

Shalom’s vision is failing.

Shalom wants to be a nurse when she grows up. But how will she succeed if she cannot see?

Because she is poor, she is only half as likely as a boy to get the glasses she needs.

That’s why your Glasses for Girls gift is so important.

Your donation today could give girls like Shalom access to the sight-saving eye care and glasses they urgently need.

Pictured above: "Shalom sits on the veranda and tries to read and write on her own. She bends very close to the book to try and see" Fridah, Shalom's mum.

Donate today to help a girl just like Shalom

Sight is just the beginning

When supporters like you help save the sight of a child like Shalom, something incredible happens.

It’s like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. If Shalom can see, she will be able to play and enjoy her childhood. Go to school. Pass her exams. Live independently and achieve her dream of becoming a nurse.

If she can see, she can succeed!

There is incredible potential inside girls like Shalom — and kind gifts like yours can unlock it.

The other children ignore Shalom, will you?

Ignored, teased and left out by other children… is this how Shalom’s life will always be?

As her mum told us: “I fear that Shalom will stay at home and depend on others. I fear that she will not be able to work. When you are blind here, it is not easy to find true love.”

We can’t ignore Shalom’s plight, can you?

Your Glasses for Girls donation could change the life of a child like Shalom forever.

$7 provides glasses for a girl like Shalom

It’s hard to believe that glasses can be made available to girls like Shalom for just $7 for two pairs, in case one breaks. But it’s true!

Every $7 you give today will help change a life, so please be as generous as you can.

Please let God work through your hands today to transform lives with Glasses for Girls.