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Even though she’s only one-and-a-half, Sulochana is going needlessly blind.

Sulochana’s mother Manita remembers when her fears began…

“I noticed that she wouldn’t play like other toddlers. She used to bring things closer to her eye to see. I saw white clouds in her eyes.”

When Manita and her husband Chunda took Sulochana to the doctor, they received the news that dashed their hopes for Sulochana’s future.

At just one-and-a-half years old, Sulochana was going blind!

That’s because she was born with cataracts in both her eyes.

Sulochana will soon go permanently and irreversibly blind…

Unable to see her mum and dad’s faces again.

Unable to go to school.

And unable to get the chance to realise the potential God has given her.

Unless she receives urgent surgery.

But Sulochana’s father Chunda shared…

“We are poor people. We are worried since we knew that our daughter has eye problem. The treatment might cost a lot of money. How can we afford it?”

Early intervention is critical for Sulochana to gain her sight back before it’s too late.

Sulochana’s parents are barely surviving on just $3 a day. They simply cannot afford the cost of the surgery needed to restore her sight.

But perhaps you can.

What will it mean for children and adults like Sulochana when you give?

Thanks to you and your kindness today, someone like Sulochana can…


Have their sight restored

Go to school

Grow up strong and independent

Fulfil the potential God gave them

Escape the cycle of poverty and disability

Cataract surgery only takes around 12 minutes to perform…

Yet it will fill a child’s whole life with light and colour!

As Sulochana goes needlessly blind to treatable cataracts, Manita’s faithful heart is holding on to hope…

“I have been praying to God since I hear about my child’s eyes. I wish her eyes will be treated and she can play like other children.”

You can help answer her prayers.

When you donate you’ll help someone like Sulochana to see the world before them.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3.16