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Trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness in the world with 3.6 million people in desperate need of immediate surgery. Ethiopia has been hit hard by this epidemic with women and young children particularly vulnerable to the disease. Every touch, hug and kiss unknowingly passes on the painful and blinding infection.

You can make a difference

But Trachoma can be stopped. With your help, CBM wants to save thousands of Ethiopian children and families from the terrible pain and blindness caused by the infection. Outreach Clinics are happening now to providing people with the anitbiotics they need to prevent Trachoma for a year.


Make 14 x the difference in the lives of children and families

Thanks to antibiotics donated by a pharmaceutical company your gift multiplies in value to restore the sight to 14 x as many children and families suffering from Trachoma.

I Was Diagnosed With Trachoma Trichiasis…

"It began some years ago. First my eyes started tearing and itching. Then my eyelids started scratching on my eyes, both sides. It was terrible, very painful – and because of the pain I couldn’t work properly and do my daily activities... So I started to pull out my eyelashes. Yes, that procedure hurts, but it was better than having constant pain and it gave me relief for some weeks. Then I had to do it again. I didn’t go to a doctor because I didn’t know something can be done."

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“By working together with communities in Ethiopia, you can be part of seeing the children, women and men who are suffering, liberated from the scourge of Trachoma.”

David Lewis OAM, CBM Focal Point for Inclusion in Eye Health

Protect 14 X more children and families

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How Trachoma Blinds 

Infection – Dirty hands, tears from a crying baby or germ-carrying flies come into contact with a victim’s eye. The infection spreads primarily from children.
Pain  – The infection feels like raw cuts on the underside of the eyelid. After repeated infections, scar tissue builds up and eyelids start to turn inward.
Damage  – The inverted eyelashes scrape the eyeball like sandpaper, causing pain and damage with every blink.
Scarring  – The cornea is cut and then heals, leaving opaque corneal scarring. The victim suffers permanent visual impairment.
Blindness  – Permanent and irreparable loss of sight.

The pain is unbearable. 
Blindness is inevitable. And it’s completely preventable.

Please give generously today to rush 14 X the value of
life-changing antibiotics before permanent blindness sets in.

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You Can Help to End Trachoma 

By helping communities stop the spread of the infection, you can end the pain and blindness of this ancient disease for good. CBM has adopted the World Health Organization's approved strategy for fighting Trachoma: SAFE.

Surgery – eyelid surgery to stop the blinding disease.
Antibiotics – distributing antibiotics to treat and prevent active infection.
Face Washing – facial cleanliness to reduce transmission of the disease.
Environmental – improving access to clean water and better sanitation.

Trachoma Elimination Is in Sight

Please Join Us in Prayer for Trachoma Sufferers

Now is the time to stop Trachoma. This disease can be eliminated for good if we work together. Like the CBM staff below, gathering at the start of a long day to pray for the needs of patients. They lift up prayer cards from international supporters, joining their faith with yours and their medical skill with your generosity. Together, we can stop Trachoma.

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Protect 14 X more children and families from the pain of Trachoma