This Christmas you can give sight for sore eyes!

Please help ERADICATE the agony of Trachoma…. and stop the spread of COVID 19.

After years of repeated infection from Trachoma, Dinknesh’s eyelids have turned inwards. Every time she blinks, it’s agony.

Every painful blink takes her another step closer to blindness.

This Christmas we urgently need your help to distribute sight-saving antibiotics to people like Dinknesh.

CBM’s health workers are also working to ERADICATE Trachoma by improving hygiene standards in poor communities… which will help stop the spread of COVID-19 too.

Donate today and multiply your impact by 12!

Our partner has already donated all the antibiotics we need, but we can only distribute them with your support. For every dollar you kindly contribute before Christmas Eve, we will be able to distribute $12 worth of antibiotics. This is how the impact of your generosity is multiplied 12 TIMES!

Please give sight for sore eyes now. Thank you!

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