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In developing countries, 18 per cent of people have a disability. Yet 0.3 per cent* of Australia’s aid funding is dedicated to supporting the rights and wellbeing of people with disabilities. This isn’t fair, and it means people with disabilities are being left behind.

Tell the Foreign Minister this needs to change today.

Stand with CBM Australia in calling for an increase in funding for disability-inclusive development in Australia’s aid program.

Each and every person with disabilities has the right to be treated equally, to be included and be afforded the same opportunities to achieve their full potential. But there are many barriers to making this a reality.

People with disabilities are more likely to live in poverty, face multiple barriers to accessing education and health services and are less likely to be in employment than people without disabilities.

But we can change this.

Australian aid funding that specifically targets the barriers faced by people with disabilities plays a crucial role in enabling people to realise their rights and reach their full potential.

Sign our petition today to tell the Foreign Minister to increase funding for disability-inclusive development in Australia’s aid program.

The impact of funding for disability-inclusive development

In our region, Australian aid supports local disabled people’s organisations like the Vanuatu Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association (DPA) to advance the rights of people with disabilities. DPA is a crucial resource, working towards real change by advocating for the rights of people – particularly women and girls – with disabilities.

Women and girls with disabilities often face heightened, unique and intersecting barriers as a result of their disability and gender. In Vanuatu rates of violence against women are high, and they are even higher for women with disabilities. Many of the women that DPA works with have experienced violence and sexual abuse. But DPA are trying to change this. They advocate in the community to change deeply-held attitudes towards women with disabilities, and to support survivors of violence to access justice. DPA also supports women and girls with disabilities to understand their rights, so that they can both be empowered, and empower others.

But there isn’t enough funding to reach everyone. Most people with disabilities living in developing countries, including women and girls, are missing out on these programs and face exclusion, discrimination, and even violence in their homes and communities.

Since 2015 funding for disability has remained stagnant, not even increasing in line with the cost of living. But it needs to if we are to keep breaking down the barriers that prevent people with disabilities, in some of the world’s poorest countries, from being able to be included in their communities.

Sign the petition today to let them know that you don’t want people with disabilities to be left behind.

What we’re calling for:

  1. Increase Australian aid funding for disability-inclusive development by 10 per cent in the 2019/20 Budget.
  2. Increase dedicated personnel, financial resources and internal capacity for disability-inclusive development within DFAT to manage these funds and improve effectiveness across the Australian aid program.

* 0.3 per cent figure determined by calculating the $12.9 million allocated for disability-inclusive development as a percentage of the $4.16 billion Australian aid program, per the 2018/19 Australian federal budget.


Thank you for standing with CBM Australia in calling for an increase in funding for disability-inclusive development in Australia’s aid program. We’ve sent our petition with over 500 signatures to the Foreign Minister. Watch a personal thank you from our CEO below.