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Please act now to help save vulnerable lives in Bangladesh.

Over half a million Rohingya people have fled untold persecution and violence in Myanmar.

Tragically, the number of people affected is increasing by the thousands every day. We must act now to help people who are in desperate need. Among them, children, those with disabilities and many others who have fled with nothing are struggling to survive.

CBM’s partners have launched a full-scale emergency effort to reach these desperate families urgently and supply them with life-saving essentials to survive.

Please give now to provide support to families who need it the most – the young, elderly and people with disabilities. This includes items like food, clean water, hygiene kits and medical supplies.

Yes, I will help save lives in Bangladesh.

$77 could provide emergency food and clean water for desperate families
$132 could provide hygiene kits for struggling families
$315 could provide assistive devices for those living with disability in this emergency.

Any funds raised for this emergency in excess to the immediate need will be used by CBM in disaster management in Bangladesh and our wider International Program.

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Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Every gift you give to CBM Australia goes towards changing the lives of the world's poorest people with disability. Where funds raised are greater than required for the specific initiative you contributed to, additional funds will go towards CBM Australia's work in disability inclusion programs. If your gift is to CBM's Emergency Response, additional funds will go towards CBM Australia's disaster preparedness and disability inclusion programs.