Please help eradicate River Blindness

Hauwa lost her sight as a child from River Blindness. Now she sits alone every day waiting for her little nephew, Danjuma, to bring her food and water. She is completely reliant on the kindness of others.

Your generosity today can help bring the sight-saving medication to Danjuma and save thousands of children and adults from a lifetime of blindness.

Your gift will carry God’s love to the most inaccessible of places and deliver the medication Mectizan to the many women, men and children who are most at risk of contracting this horrible disease.

The only thing that protects Danjuma from a lifetime of blindness and poverty is the compassion and generosity of supporters like you. Your gift will help deliver the sight-saving medicine Danjuma needs every year to protect him from the pain and devastation of this disease.

Deliver sight-saving medicine

The treatment for River Blindness sits in a warehouse. Through the generosity of a CBM partner, this sight-saving medication, Mectizan, is available freely and in abundance.

Our mission is to see that it is delivered, regularly and on time, to the people who need it most. Each person at risk must be treated for 10 – 15 years to break the lifecycle of the parasite that robs them of their sight.

Give now and your impact will be multiplied

When you donate before June 30, your impact will be multiplied seven times!

Because in poor, rural communities, losing your sight also often means losing the opportunity to go to school. Without an education many people are forced into a lifetime of poverty.

Show your compassion today

“You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate.” Luke 6:36 (NLT)

Unable to support themselves, those with River Blindness are often cast out and ostracised by their communities. When I think of their plight, I cannot help but think of the man with leprosy who approached Jesus and asked to be healed.

Just as this man placed his faith in Jesus, so Danjuma and others place their faith in you and your donation.

Today you have the amazing opportunity to deliver your love and compassion to the most vulnerable of God’s children, in the most inaccessible of places.

CBM Australia is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

How River Blindness spreads

An infected fly bites a child when she goes to the river one day.
As the fly feeds, a microscopic worm larvae pass into her wound.

Inside the child’s skin tissue, the larvae grow and develop into mature worms, which cluster in dense nodules under the skin.

The adult worms mate and breed, producing 1,000 of juvenile offspring every day.

The juvenile worms migrate through the child’s body, causing a multitude of horrendous symptoms: rashes, intense itching, thickened and discoloured skin called “elephant skin” and finally irreversible blindness.

How the River Blindness Eradication Project will stop it...

Your generous gift today pays for the transportation and distribution of sight-saving Mectizan through our network to a child who urgently needs it.

The very first doe of Mectizan you bring her kills the microfiliariae in her system, relieving her of some of the nastiest symptoms.

To prevent reinfection, continuous doses are required once or twice a year for 10-15 years. During this stage the cycle of reinfection is broken.

After 10-15 years, thanks to you, this child is now safe from the agony of River Blindness, and she has a brighter, better future ahead of her.

Your impact will be multiplied 7 TIMES when you donate by June 30

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