Prepared to Hope

Prepared to Hope

An email devotional series for Easter

As we prepare for the hope of Easter, we invite you and your Christian community to join CBM for a weekly devotional email series.

From devastating bushfires to a global pandemic, 2020 required unprecedented resilience amongst communities around the world. Yet, for people with disabilities living in the poorest places the challenges are catastrophic and too often their inclusion in preparedness is overlooked.

As we approach Easter, we remember Jesus’ example that no person is overlooked, no one is excluded, all are invited to the great banquet and the hope that Christ brings. Together, we’ll learn what it means to be more inclusive, more considered, more prepared to hope.

Throughout the six-week series you’ll receive weekly devotionals in your inbox written by CBM staff and friends, exploring scripture and stories of preparedness and resilience from our Asia-Pacific neighbours as they face increasing threat of natural disasters.

Together, let us Prepare to Hope for greater inclusion, celebration and generous response Christian communities learning to love our Asia-Pacific neighbours.

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