The love of a grandmother and granddaughter

The love of a grandmother and granddaughter

 |  CBM news, Miracles Day 2017

Joevelyn’s grandmother, Ma Luz was blind from a cataract. It upset her to have to rely on her grandchildren every day.

"My husband has passed away and I am living alone, I don’t have work, I am just a plain housewife and I have 8 kids."

What life is like with a cataract

When asked to describe what it was like to live with cataracts, Ma Luz described in detail,

"I am working in a farm and sometimes my children is helping me, financially... when my eyesight is a little blurry and eventually I can’t see...I can’t see anything anymore. So it’s been 5 years that I was having this kind of life." 

From a granddaughter’s perspective

Supporting her grandmother on the day of the operation, Joevelyn shared from her point of view what it was like caring for her grandmother.

"I feel very sad to see my grandmother living alone and in this kind of life that she can hardly see. I wanted to help her but I was so very busy seeing with the other grandchildren and I really wanted to help her every day, I want to be with her always, but I have also my own things to do, to help my family."

That moment it all changed 

Joevelyn shares in just a few words what happened in that personal moment when her grandmother found out she had been selected to have sight saving surgery.

"She is about to cry....she is crying." 

Seeing the change and the hope that was restored to her grandmother, Joevelyn at last felt at rest, "I can see her genuine smile, that’s what I really want to see on her. That smile." 

Today Ma Luz smiles knowing her life has been transformed through CBM Partner cataract surgery.

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