A missed opportunity and a Miracle

A missed opportunity and a Miracle

 |  CBM news, Miracles Day 2017

Raoul, a 34-year-old farmer, has a three-year-old daughter, but he can’t see her face. He uses his hands to gently touch her face so he can recognise her.

Missed out

Living with blindness was something that Raoul had accepted as his reality. At the age of 10 he was scheduled to have an operation, however a mix-up at the hospital meant that Raoul had missed out on his chance for surgery.

“Unfortunately there was an accident happened and the medicine that was supposed to be for me was given to [a] victim and ... the operation was postponed,” said Raoul graciously.

Family is the motivator

The one thing that motivates Raoul is to provide for his family.

"I really wanted to help my family and because I wanted to give [a]... means of living for my family. That’s why I’m still working even if I couldn’t clearly see what I am doing."

Raoul’s Miracle

Before receiving sight-saving surgery through a CBM funded cataract operation, Raoul shared his vision,

‘"After the operation, I wanted to see the beautiful things around me and I wanted also to if my eyesight will be restored, I want to also help others and I want to continue my studies but since I am already old so I just wanted to work again. And so I can see clearly see what I am doing in the farm. That’s what I really want to do."

After surgery, Raoul’s joy and thanks fills the room.

"My eyes were good today. I feel good. Thank you for your help. Because of you, I can see, I was able to restore my sight. And thank you that you, were God’s instrument, a good God’s instrument, that you came here to help us and I hope that you can help more people like me. And now I am looking forward that I can work now well because I can see better than before,. Thank you."

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