Miracles Day 2017

Radio stations are in Vietnam broadcasting live

$32 and a 12-minute operation can restore sight for life for those living with cataracts.

Since Miracles Day started, people like you have given 82,000 sight-saving surgeries possible. That’s 82,000 people who can now see and live life to the full. For them, this is truly a Miracle!

A miracle for Marjil and Aljon

Margil and Aljon are a brother and sister, who have both been blind from congenital bilateral cataracts since birth (meaning they have had them in both eyes since birth.) Their family live with their nine children in poverty in a small corrugated iron hut with a dirt floor. The family all sleep on mats in a small room – the only room with walls.

Wen and her husband have set up a tiny shop, where they sell oysters from the nearby ocean cooked over a fire and small packets of coffee, but this income is not enough to pay for specialist medical care for their children.

Wen, their mother, constantly worries about them. She’s always thinking about how they are doing in school, or for their safety as they play around their home.

“Even if they are just playing outside it’s really hard for me because I always lookto make sure that they are ok. The other day Aljon just bumped into something.”

“Aljon and Marjil have insecurities, insecurities with other children because of their deficiency,” explains mum, Wen.

But Wen and her husband desire to see their children have a successful future,

“I want them to finish their studies and then I want them to reach their dreams and ambitions in life.”

After Margil and Aljon’s surgery Wen, and her husband, are overjoyed.

“May God bless you more and to help others. This is a good help for me and my family, thank you.”

“I thank you Australia and I thank you for this big help, thank you so much and may you help others also like us and God bless you more.”

“Because without their help, I can’t do it on my own, I am very grateful that there are people like them who are willing to help.”

“Thank you Australia!” smiles Aljon.

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