Miracles Day 2017

Radio stations are in Vietnam broadcasting live


• Cataracts are the world’s leading cause of blindness in middle and low income countries, making up almost half of all blindness.
• Around 18 million people in the world are blind from cataracts.
• Around 90% of people who are visually impaired live in developing countries.

Did you know that 80% of all blindness could be avoided or cured. That's 8 out of 10 people who are blind who don't need to be.

Last year, CBM Australia:

• Made 33,529 sight-saving surgeries possible
• Provided 451,234 people with eye health services through our partners.
• As part of CBM International, did 1150 cataract surgeries every day in developing countries

Here's how cataract surgery works

Step 1: Adults only require a local anaesthetic. Children are given a general anaesthetic, to stop them wriggling on the table.

Step 2: A small incision is made in the eye; the lens containing the milky, opaque cataract is removed. The surgery can take as little as 12 minutes!

Step 3: A new plastic intraocular lens is inserted so the eye can focus.

Step 4: After 24 hours the bandages come off and the healing is checked; the person opens their eyes to a whole new world full of possibilities and hope!

$32 can restore sight for life for those living with cataract blindness

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