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Some walk through the blazing sun, others down treacherous cliff-top paths. And all find the same thing… As a young girl named Meseret in rural Ethiopia explains (by writing it down carefully for us to read): “I walk one kilometre to fetch water from a dirty waterhole in a dried- up river.” 

Ethiopia is in crisis – certain areas have not had rain for a whole year. And so the desperately thirsty people (and animals) are turning to dirty, contaminated water… Meseret continues, “Dozens of other people are competing for this space, never mind the cattle and goats.” 

Yet there’s something that frightens Meseret even more than disease. 

Attacks can happen on the road at any time. And a child walking alone is very vulnerable… We’re especially concerned because Meseret is in more danger than anyone – because she wouldn’t even hear her attackers coming.

Meseret has been deaf since birth. She has no sign language, and can’t speak. If something happened to her, she could feel powerless to even tell anyone about it. 

However, the crisis in Ethiopia means there is almost no water in some places. The dirty waterhole is Meseret’s only option. Animals drink from this. Diseases thrive here. 

I know you’ll agree that no child should be at risk of attack just for getting water to survive. 

With your support you can help give life-saving clean water, where it’s needed most in drought-ravaged Ethiopia. We will dig and build wells plus teach children about hygiene and how to protect themselves and their families from infectious diseases. 

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