Help children like Yamuna

Please help children like Yamuna get urgent treatment so they can go to school


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Yamuna’s legs have wasted away
She has lost toes
She can only crawl
… and she cannot go to school

This Easter you can
        RAISE and restore a child like Yamuna
                  TO the LIFE she once knew

Yamuna is forced to crawl, while other children pass her by. This Easter, will you help a child who cannot stand?

Yamuna’s legs have laid her low. Right to the ground. On her knees because of clubfoot.

Please click here to donate your urgently needed Easter gift, so a child can overcome the disability that keeps them from going to school.

That is her deepest prayer. Not simply to walk or play or run or make friends. When asked about her heart’s desire, Yamuna says…

“I want to go to school.”

Her father says, “Yamuna just sits and crawls on all fours. Her legs are so weak.” Once bright and talkative, she became sad and withdrawn. “She has lost all her friends.”

What a tragic injustice! Today, please raise the hopes of a little girl who is desperate to learn, but cannot walk to school.

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