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Benita’s first steps told a very sad story

Sylvia watched her beautiful baby girl take those first magical steps with the delight of any mum… But her joy soon turned to worry: “I thought, ‘Something is wrong with her legs’,” she says.

Benita’s legs were bowed. And every day her tiny bones grew more crooked.

Despite this, little Benita was determined not to let anything hold her back. She even tried to help her mum fetch water even though her little legs ached with every step she took.“Her legs swell easily, she had pains and cried a lot,” Sylvia says with sadness.

Brave little Benita was often so exhausted and afraid of falling that she had to be carried home.

It would break a mother’s heart to watch her precious little girl cry from the pain…. And then even worse, as her legs became more bowed, other children began to tease Benita and exclude her from their games. Sylvia told us how much this hurt her little girl:

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“She cries a lot when the other children run away or play somewhere else, leaving her behind. This makes me very sad…”

Like any mum, Sylvia would have done anything to straighten Benita’s legs, but they simply couldn’t afford to. It was devastating for her:

“We felt powerless. Neighbours would say: ‘Look at that cute girl. How come she has such legs? Why don’t you take her to the hospital?’ And all we could say was: ‘We don’t have the money.’”

Without help, Benita’s may never have walked - might never have had the chance to go to school.

Sylvia had nearly given up hope when workers from a CBM partner hospital came to her village and identified Benita’s Bowlegs.

They had some great news. Thanks to donations from caring people just like you, Benita was able to have free surgery to straighten her legs. And because she was identified early, Benita only needed a minor operation to treat her Bowlegs!

Someone’s kindness transformed her world.

Will you help us today with a gift that shows a child like Benita that someone cares enough about them to give them hope for a brighter future?

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