West Africa Crisis

Please help hungry West African children get the food they need to survive.

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Children are facing severe and deadly hunger...

You may not have heard much about the crisis in West of Africa. The escalating violence has put families in danger. They are growing desperate. Food is running out..

Though it’s not in our news headlines, it’s quietly putting 30 million people – including children – in danger of severe and deadly hunger.

CBM is one of the longest-standing NGOs in West Africa, yet even we have not been safely able to go into some of the most dangerous areas for two years. Violence in northeast Nigeria and neighbouring Niger and Cameron has forced millions across borders, leaving everything behind.

We are working through our incredible partners to reach these desperate people. Among them, the children, those with disabilities, and those who are most vulnerable.

With your support, we can help by providing essential::

1. Water: We’re digging wells and installing pumps to provide clean water for children to drink.
2. Food: High-yield survival gardens will be planted to grow nutritious vegetables.
3. Health: We are using our networks and disability expertise to help restore the health facilities.

We can only reach children and families with your help. Please give now – your help becomes more vital each day.

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