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"I knew that things weren't right..."

The moment she was born, little Pooja was the light of her father’s life. Yet even through his joy, Akosh noticed something was wrong: “She was so weak,” he recalls. “Pooja had absolutely no strength… I knew that things weren’t right.

I’m sure you can imagine how Akosh’s heart sank when he realised his beautiful baby daughter had an intellectual disability. Yet worst of all, Pooja has been born into an extremely poor district in Central India, with no electricity, clean water… or medical help.

Sitting in their dark, humble house, Akosh shares his heartache with us: “Life became very difficult for the family. The costs of medicines… As a farmer I was already borrowing from the moneylenders to buy chemicals for the farm.

Many families here are farmers. But for crops to survive, growers like Akosh have to use chemicals which are not only dangerous to handle, but toxic to eat. And because they’re so expensive, Akosh has been forced to borrow money from loan sharks.

It’s a truly frightening cycle, and often there is no way out of debt. In fact, our teams tell us that suicide rates are very high. Even Akosh says, “I got into debt but had to find money for my precious Pooja. I felt desperate.

It’s awful to think of a loving dad feeling so powerless to provide for his child that he is losing all hope. Yet we meet parents like Akosh every day who already have the commitment to roll up their sleeves and do whatever they can to care for their children. They just need help getting out of the poverty cycle.

Your gift to help a father grow an organic vegetable garden might seem simple. Yet it will feed his child, and empower him to break this cycle… which means children can do more than survive – they’ll thrive!

Akosh is thrilled with the training he has received! “Organic farming is really cheap. After getting trained in it you realise that you don’t need chemicals. The composting methods, the pesticides substitutes, cost next to nothing!

Best of all, he says, “Now I don’t have to worry about owing money. I am free from debt, and I can save some money to pay for Pooja’s medicine and appointments with the consultant.

While her life is still full of challenges, Pooja helps her dad and tends to her own plot on the farm. Akosh is the proudest dad you could meet – and he joyfully tells us, “Her confidence is growing, slowly… a bit like my organic vegetables!

Please join us today as we help mums and dads provide for their children. Your donation will change a family’s life forever.

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