IDPD 2018

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International Day of People with Disabilities 2018

People with disabilities are frequently underestimated. Watch this short and playful video that highlights the experiences of people with disabilities being underestimated, and defying the low expectations others have placed on them.

What is International Day of People with Disabilities?

IDPD is a United Nations (UN) sanctioned day celebrated annually. This important day aims to raise awareness and promote action around the rights of people with disability and their full inclusion in society. The 2018 UN theme for IDPD is “empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.”

Defying Expectations

This year CBM Australia is focussing on the sub-theme ‘defying expectations’. This theme aims to bring attention to the common experience faced by many people with disabilities; being underestimated and people having low expectations of them. This experience of underestimation is disempowering and contributes to exclusion and inequality.

To raise awareness and promote action, CBM is launching a short video and a number of resources to help you or your organisation mark the day.

Meet Shirley

Shirley is a young woman from Vanuatu with a disability. Throughout her life she has experienced underestimation. But through opportunities and her own hard work, she is defying these expectations. Read her story.

Meet Khaleda

Khaleda is a woman with disability from Bangladesh. She has faced many barriers due to her disability, including the harmful attitudes and low expectations of others. Khaleda is now a leader in her community, fighting for the rights of others. Read her story.

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Most of the time people with disabilities are capable of defying the low expectations that people have of them. But not if we don’t give them the opportunity.

Australian aid funding for disability inclusive development plays an important role in helping people with disabilities to defy the low expectations of others and reach their full potential. But this funding is not reaching everyone. In developing countries, 18 per cent of people have a disability. Yet 0.3 per cent of Australia’s aid funding is dedicated to supporting the rights and wellbeing of people with disabilities, so many people with disabilities still being left behind. This isn’t fair.

You can make a difference.

Sign our petition today and tell the Foreign Minister that you don’t want people with disabilities to get left behind.