Fundraise for CBM

Fundraising is a social and rewarding way to make a valuable difference to people with disability living in the poorest places on earth.

Every year, our generous supporters go the extra mile to campaign on our behalf so that we can continue to serve the millions of men, women and children in the hardest to reach places – Thank you!

A great way to raise money is to host an event at your workplace, school, social club or as an individual. You could host a trivia night, a cupcake drive or do a fun run – but no matter what you do, be inspired, be creative and have fun!

As you can imagine, trying to manage and monitor all the independent fundraising activities carried out for us is a huge task, so we leave it to our supporters to conduct their own activities.

But we understand you’ll naturally have a few questions, so we’ve provided some guidelines to assist you. These will help organise and maximise the potential of your fundraising, ensure your activity meets all legal requirements and advise on how the money you’ve raised can reach CBM.

Our team would love to hear from you