Every day is precious… time is running out

Little Nakisinde has cataracts. A cloudy film is taking over her eyes.

You can sense her struggle as she grips a pencil and bends her head close to the paper. So brave as she tries to do what she knows other children can do.

Children like Nakisinde need help quickly.

Eyes in children develop until they are 9 or 10 years old. If something goes wrong – like cataracts – the wrong connections form between the eyes and the brain.

Once this happens, the problem cannot be corrected, and the child faces a life of blindness.

Hoping for a miracle

Like any parent, Nakisinde’s dad wants the best for his little girl.

But the family are poor. They can’t afford the sight-saving surgery Nakisinde desperately needs. And without it, she will become needlessly blind.

As Nakisinde’s sight fades, all the family can do is hold onto each other, trust in God, and hope for a miracle.

Your help brings hope

Hope sparks when the family hears CBM Outreach Workers are coming to the region.

Dad and daughter say goodbye and set out for the CBM clinic.

The CBM experts quickly diagnose cataracts, and know only an operation can save her sight.

The good news is the operation to remove the cataract-damaged lens, and replace it with a new plastic lens, is one CBM eye-surgeons have done many times before.

It can generally be completed in 12 minutes.

While a child may be a little scared when they wake up with patches on their eyes, and no sight at all …

… in just 24 hours, the patches come off and a whole new world opens up!

This is the hope for Nakisinde, and other children like her waiting for cataract operations. That’s why your donation through CBM now is critical – to bring healing and hope.

Please, heal a child’s sight NOW

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