God’s love works through your hands…

Will you help Karebu rise up and pound God’s earth with joy this Easter?

Karebu was born into poverty after his parents were evicted from their land by unscrupulous politicians and landowners. Sadly, it is far beyond their means to pay for the surgery to correct his two clubfeet.

Karebu lives in terrible pain. He is teased mercilessly by other children. But worst of all, he cannot walk the four kilometres to school. His entire future is threatened by his lack of education. He faces a perilous and brutal future begging for a living.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. God’s love can work through your hands this Easter, please make an online gift to help him now.

Thank you for helping a child to rise up and walk the earth with joy.

Read Christine's Story

Will you help Christine rise up and walk with joy this Easter?

Christine was born in a remote and poverty stricken village, far from medical help. What began as clubfeet, developed into badly bowed legs.

Today, the pain in her knees and ankles is unbearable and yet, it’s getting worse. If she does not receive the surgery she needs soon, she will have this agonising disability for the rest of her life.

But that doesn’t have to happen. You can let God’s love work through your hands by making a generous donation to CBM this Easter.

Thank you for helping a child to rise up and walk the earth with joy.

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