There’s no time to waste...

Every day of Viola’s life is torment.

In her body and in her heart. She suffers teasing and abuse from children and adults alike. The walk to school is too far and too painful to take. She’s falling behind. She’s afraid of what her future holds. And she’s running out of time!

Every day that slips by counts. Please give NOW, before it’s too late!

Bring hope alive

Easter has always been about hope. For in His moment of death, Jesus gave us all eternal life. Your Easter gift of mobility will help a child like Viola rise up and walk this Easter. And at the same time, you’ll bring hope alive in the world through your profound act of kindness.

Lift up hearts with joy

On Easter Sunday we all share in the profound joy of Jesus’ Resurrection. And when you lift up a child like Viola with a gift to help her walk, you also lift up the hearts of her family and her community too, sharing the joy in your heart with them all.

Give a child a new future

At Easter we seek to emulate the sacrifice Jesus made for us all by making small sacrifices of our own. Your Easter gift to CBM is a sacrifice that will see a child who cannot walk, rise up and walk free from pain. You’ll help open up a fresh pathway to all of life’s blessings for that child. You’ll help give them a new future. What a truly beautiful thing to be able to do at this important time of year.

Please send your Easter gift... before it’s too late.

You could help provide crutches, wheelchairs and healing aids so a child like Suman waiting for surgery can get to school.

Or you may choose to help provide the critical surgery to correct a child’s twisted feet so they won’t be left behind.

Perhaps you can do even more this Easter and help support a child through the entire process! From the initial walking aids such as crutches, through to the critical surgery to correct their twisted feet and the final and important stage of post recovery, to help parents support their child as they build up muscles and practice walking.

Thanks to someone like you, Suman’s new life has begun. And you can do the same for another child with your donation this Easter. God bless you!

Over 90,954 life-changing surgeries for people living in some of the poorest countries in the world.

72,733 assistive devices including wheelchairs, mobility aids and glasses were given to enable people with disabilities to be independent.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace…” – 1 Peter 4:10

Please make your Easter gift... before it’s too late.

The wonderful power of your Easter gift...

For a child like Suman, every day is torment. The isolation – you can’t run and play with your friends when you can’t keep up. The agony – so bad you can’t walk to school, so you’re falling behind. There’s no end in sight, you’re being left behind in every part of your life.

Until… a wonderful CBM supporter like you makes a life-changing Easter gift. Suddenly there is hope. There is joy. And the door opens to a whole new life.

New hope

Easter has always been about hope. For in his moment of death, Jesus gave us all eternal life. All that is left for us to do is love Him, trust in Him and follow in His path. Your Easter gift of mobility to help a child like Suman rise up and walk, is a truly beautiful step along that path. For both of you. A follower of Christ, and one of his precious children too. Walking side by side.

New joy

On Easter Sunday we all share in the profound joy of Jesus’ resurrection. No joy could possibly be as intense. But here on earth, we can try to come close through our own small sacrifices. When a child like Suman is lifted up by your Easter gift… when his family, who were powerless to help him overcome clubfoot, see him walk shoulder to shoulder with his peers, they will feel a joy that echoes the one we all share at Easter.

New life

In his letter to the Christians of Rome, St. Paul beautifully wrote: “Just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life… alive to God in Jesus.” (Romans 6:4-11).

For us today, there is no better way to live a new life alive to God in Jesus, than by emulating His compassion for children. Especially the most vulnerable, those affected by the double disadvantage of poverty and disability. And as you do so, you open the door for a child like Suman to live a new life too. A life free from pain and torment. A life open to God’s miracles.

Will you help a child like Suman?

Suman, just 6 years old wasSuman before intervention at home. He has Bilateral Clubfoot and is leading a difficult life due to lack of treatment. His family is unable to afford the cost of treatment. born with a condition called clubfoot. You can see the way Suman’s feet point inwards towards each other in the photo.

The condition forces him to walk on his ankles, leaving huge lumps of calloused skin.



  • The pain of walking is terrible … but worse than physical pain is the emotional pain of being left behind as children set out for the one hour walk to school.
  • Without urgent help, both the physical and emotional pain will keep getting worse.
  • Suman’s dad Binod is tooSuman before intervention at home. Here with (from left)- Binod, 30, (Father) and sisters Ritu, 3, and Puja, 11. Suman has Bilateral Clubfoot and is leading a difficult life due to lack of treatment. His family is unable to afford the cost of treatment sick to work.
  • Suman’s mum Radha earns less than $4 per day.
  • Suman’s sister Puja had to drop out of school at age 11 to care for him.

Binod laments:

“…his feet were like that since birth. The doctors said it would get better over time with the help of exercise, but it got twisted even further. I wish to see him wear shoes and walk like other kids, but I am sick myself… I can’t afford to take him to a hospital. What can I do?”

  • Suman’s village is a long way from anywhere that can give him the help he needs.
  • The great danger is that unless people like you and I help children like Suman before it’s too late, they will be left behind, enduring a life of poverty with little hope for the future.
  • At Easter, as we remember the new life Jesus’ love won for us, we can respond to that gift by giving children with clubfoot the surgery that can set them free for their own new life.


  • Suman before intervention at home. He has Bilateral Clubfoot and is leading a difficult life due to lack of treatment. His family is unable to afford the cost of treatment.Your Easter action to help a child with clubfoot walk again starts with CBM partner health workers like Lekhnath.
  • With your support, Lekhnath goes to remote villages like Suman’s to find the children in greatest need of corrective surgery, and tells parents about the life-transforming surgery people like you give through CBM.
  • At last there is hope of healing.
  • Then Suman, accompanied by his mum Radha (who has never left her village before) will travel all the way to Kathmandu for the surgery.
  • Once at the hospital, the orthopaedic surgeon Dr Yam would explain how the treatment begins with plastering. This is simple, and painless.
  • Plastering will help align Suman’s soft tissues and muscles in the new direction, ready for surgery.
  • Dr Yam explains the next step:

What we must do now is help Suman and other children like him receive the life-changing operation that will correct their clubfoot, so they can walk again. Your kindness this Easter offers them a new life. Thank you!

Please make your Easter gift... before it’s too late.

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