Don’t let poverty take life’s brightest moments away

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of people living with disabilities live in poverty

Reading a book, kicking a ball around, experiencing the joy of a new baby. These are the bright moments in life that are too often taken away by a treatable disability.

Simple procedures that we take for granted in Australia could make an immediate difference, but are simply out of reach for people living in poverty.

Your donation today will help provide urgent medical treatment and Create Brighter Moments for those that need it most.

Mbida's story

Mbida was born with bilateral clubfoot. He has been cared for by his Grandmother, Sitha, all his life since he was abandoned by both his parents shortly after birth. Sitha remembers feeling helpless about his condition. “Mbida does not go to school or fit in like other children and I didn’t have the means to get him the surgery he needed. I hoped for a miracle that could straighten his feet and help him walk”.

Thanks to the support of people like you, CBM helped Mbida’s Grandmother arrange for him to have corrective surgery at a hospital in Cameroon.

On the day of his operation, Mbida was nervous, but also excited about what his life would look like once he was healed. “When my feet are straight I will be able to wear nice shoes and play football with the other children.”

Thanks to your support, Mbida will soon be home, and will no longer be left on the sidelines.

You can help turn a childhood of pain into a childhood of play.

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