Our Approach

CBM focuses on the double disadvantage of poverty and disability. Two boys smile after having their legs operated on.CBM is one of the leading organisations in the world focused on the double disadvantage of disability and poverty. But how exactly do we work for change in the lives of people with disabilities? We have a unique approach that tackles poverty and disability on all fronts, on the ground and in the boardroom.

In 2015, CBM’s family around the world reached 81 million people in need, through 650 projects in 63 countries.

In developing countries, we partner with local organisations and community projects. This means we can help deliver better healthcare, education and training, rehabilitation, and livelihood opportunities, as well as support project development. Back home in Australia, we’re raising awareness of the cycle of poverty and disability (through our End the Cycle initiative), and engaging generous supporters to find out more about how they can support our work.

At the same time, CBM advocates for inclusion of disability within powerful, international policy-making bodies and development agencies.

CBM also works worldwide to ensure that the needs and rights of the poorest people with disability – the most vulnerable - are not forgotten in times of emergency or natural disaster.
We are committed to improving the quality of life of the world’s poorest people with disabilities.

CBM holds full accreditation with the Australian Government’s aid program and we are grateful for their support.