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Do you want to share CBM’s life-changing work with others?

CBM is happy to visit you and your church community, office, university, or local club.

We have a number of speakers who are available throughout Australia to speak about CBM’s life-changing work through personal stories and the biblical principles that underlie everything we do, including:

  • The link between disability and poverty
  • Inclusive development
  • Empowering people with disabilities 
  • Justice for ‘outsiders’
  • Gifts and contributions from every person
  • God’s heart for people with disability
  • Inclusion for people with disabilities in community life, including the church community
  • Mental health and the church

We’ve listed some of our speakers below; to find out more or to book a speaker, please complete the form or call CBM on 1800 678 069. 

Stevie Wills

Stevie Wills

Stevie Wills is a young woman with a passion. In 2011, she travelled with CBM to South Africa and Zambia to meet with people with disabilities. Stevie has qualifications in counselling and is also a performance poet, writer and public speaker. She was born with cerebral palsy, and has had faith and a relationship with Jesus Christ since she was 14.

Stevie uses her performance poetry and writing to communicate the cycle of poverty and disability. She has spoken in front of thousands of people with her powerful words of inclusion for people with disabilities. Stevie is on the CBM Australia staff as a Community Education Officer. 

Rob Nicholls

Rob Nicholls

Rob is the Church Engagement Lead at CBM Australia. Part of his work is networking and training for the Luke14 initiative. Rob worked in leadership roles in community services for 30 years, including with Wesley Mission Melbourne, before moving to a combination of working in the church as a pastor and in a training and coaching consultancy. He took up the role at CBM in 2010 to follow his two passions of the church and people who are often outsiders, including people with disabilities. He lives with his wife and cat and loves being a father, father-in-law and grandfather.

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