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Time is critical for children with clubfoot

Seven-year-old Edrine was born with clubfoot, a congenital birth defect which twists the feet gradually inwards.

As he grew, the condition worsened. Without treatment, walking was painful and would eventually be impossible; so early intervention was vital.

See the heartwarming story of how Edrine's life was changed - watch the video below.

Edrine’s dream was to walk like other children

But his twisted feet made simple tasks like bathing or using the toilet difficult. And walking was almost hopeless.

Abandoned by his mother at a young age he is cared for by his grandfather in a remote village in Uganda.

Living in poverty and with limited access to medical care, Edrine faced a lifetime of struggle.

The pain kept him from school

Dragging his twisted feet across the dusty ground day after day made them crack and bleed. The pain would force Edrine to stay home until they healed.

Then it would happen again and again, making going to school almost impossible.

But it wasn’t just the pain of his feet that hurt. The cruelty he faced from children in his village hurt even more.

Other children in the village laugh at me and call me cripple” Edrine told us. “That makes me sad.”

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You can help children like Edrine

If Edrine had been born in Australia, he would have been treated as a toddler using casts to gradually straighten his legs. But living in poverty in an isolated village meant he didn’t have access to medical care.

Edrine is one of 100,000 children born with Club Foot each year, and together we can do something about it.

Thousands of children just like Edrine do not have access to the medical care they need. By making a donation today, you will help a child just like Edrine achieve their dreams. Instead of years of pain and struggle, you will help give them a life of hope and healing.

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