CBM Global is looking to fill a vacant independent board member position.

What we’re looking for

The board places an emphasis on ensuring that they provide a specific combination of skills needed to fulfil CBM Global’s mission and ensure good governance. We are seeking to fill a vacant independent board member position that can bring the following by appointing a person with the following characteristics:

  • Passionate about effecting change for and alongside people with disabilities and their communities
  • Deeply committed to the vision and mission of CBM Global and strongly supportive of CBM Global’s Christian values
  • Brings a Global South perspective and lived experience of disability
  • Experience in community-led approaches to disability inclusive development and/or humanitarian action, advocacy engagement or delivering disability inclusion advice
  • Fluent in English
  • Able to travel, with reasonable accommodation in support
  • Able to give up to a day a month to the governance of CBM Global, spread over reasonably consistent availability
  • Experience in representing an organisation and identifying and building relationships for strategic purposes
  • Governance experience in some capacity beyond management level, together with understanding and ability to promote effective governance practices in the CBM Global context
  • Basic financial and legal literacy
  • Independence of thought and judgement, while a team player with a willingness to accept and promote democratically made decisions of the Board irrespective of personal opinion

CBM Global board

CBM Global’s governance structure supports mutual accountability to and by multiple stakeholders; from people with lived experience of disability, to, from and between Members, and to the supporters and regulatory bodies to whom Members are responsible.

The CBM Global Board is appointed by federation Members represented by their Member representatives in General Meetings. The general meeting of Members is the highest governance instance within the CBM Global federation.

According to the Association’s By-laws, CBM Global’s Board should comprise a maximum of 9 board members of which 6 board members would be appointees of the Members and 3 are independent board members.

The CBM Global Executive team is responsible to the CBM Global Board; together they manage CBM Global. Responsibilities of board members include the following:

  • Participate in establishing and reviewing CBM Global’s mission, vision, values, bylaws, policies, practices, and position statements, on an annual basis
  • Uphold and enforce the by-laws and policies of the organization
  • Advise, support and challenge the Executive Director and executive management team
  • Participate in overview of the finances of the organization including but not exclusively: approval of annual budget, review of quarterly performance reports including key compliance/audit outcomes, approval of the year-end financial statements, reviewing adequacy of reserves
  • Review of the organisation’s risk register
  • Participate in the planning and attendance of CBM Global conferences and events
  • Be available for travel to Board meetings and conferences, dialogue/discussion between meetings via email and phone, conference calls and web conferences, internet and e-mail access.