You can help families like Njiruzalo's with a sight-saving gift today

Njiruzalo had been overlooked her entire life… And so were her sons. Because they were blind. Because they were poor.

And because no one had told them that their cataracts could have been treated quickly and easily before their vision deteriorated so badly.

Please help more people like Njiruzalo and her family receive the surgery they need in time to save their sight!

Give now so people like Njiruzalo and her family can receive the surgery they need in time to save their sight!

Njiruzalo has been blind in one eye since she was a child. Her education suffered and as a result she has always struggled to find work, earn money and feed her family.

“I am a single mother, taking care of these children alone. I spend my day looking for work, I struggle to put food on the table. My husband left me, it’s hard to cope without any help as all of us are blind. How can we help each other?”

Now her three boys, Malekano, Vincent and Richard, are also going blind and Njiruzalo is desperately worried about what the future holds for them.

“I worry because my children can’t see. Other children can easily go to school, but my children cannot see. They can’t walk to school by themselves. They can’t write at all and can’t read either.”

Your generosity today means CBM Community Workers can travel to remote and impoverished villages and towns searching for people who need help to avoid going blind.

When Njiruzalo went to her local doctor asking for help, what she was told left her feeling helpless…

“They saw the eye problems but could not help. They told me, ‘it’s just how they were born. That’s the way they are. Just accept it.’ I was distraught!”

The older a child gets, the less likely it is that surgery can fully restore their sight. Early intervention is critical. Before the age of eight is best.

Njiruzalo’s eldest child Malekano is already 18. Vincent is 14. And Richard is 11.

Please make your sight-saving gift right away to help children get the early intervention they need.

Needlessly Blind

Like so many people affected by disability, Njiruzalo’s family are among the poorest in their community. They face routine stigma and discrimination. They go hungry. And the children are falling behind.

All because they are needlessly blind.

Someone could struggle with blindness all their life for want of an operation that takes just 12 minutes. That’s why your sight-saving gift is urgently needed!

Just as Paul the Apostle told the people of Corinth:

Njiruzalo, Malekano, Vincent and Richard have such strong faith. Malekano expresses his faith in moving songs about the burden he, his mother and his brothers carry. Here are just a few of his lines…

I have eyes that do not see.
Don’t cry, oh my mother, this is not your fault.
It is the will of God.

Your gift can bless Malekano’s family’s life and the lives of so many others like them who are needlessly blind because of cataracts.

But only if your help comes soon.  

Thank you for helping people who are needlessly blind because of cataracts!

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”

2 Corinthians 9:11