“The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man; the field is the world, and the good seed are the children of the kingdom.”

Matthew 13.37-39

In The parable of the Sower, Jesus tells us that He has come among us to sow the seeds of good news: of God’s love for all people.

Some seed falls on the path, some on rocks, some in thorns. This is what happens when people hear God’s word, but do not understand it, or forget, or turn away.

But some seed falls on fertile soil. And there it takes root. Grows strong. And multiplies. Thirty-fold. Sixty-fold. Even one-hundred-fold.

You can grow Hope across the world...

Hope Grower gifts are the good seed...

Not everyone can be a Hope Grower. But some faithful CBM supporters are blessed with both the passion and the means to give generously to seed the Hope Grower Miracles Matching Fund.

As a Hope Grower, you will become a leader among givers. And a blessing to those who are going needlessly blind. Like a seed cast on fertile soil, your kindness will take root and grow, inspiring others.

… that fall on fertile soil…

Many other faithful supporters are like the fertile soil Jesus speaks of. They are people who have heard the word of God. They want to serve. And when they hear that your exceptional generosity will DOUBLE their giving, they will be inspired to give more generously than ever.

When you become a Hope Grower, you sow a powerful seed in very fertile soil.

… to reap a bountiful harvest for God.

Hope Growers like you drive our mission forward, helping to provide sight-saving surgery to people who would otherwise be blind, and share God’s love with those who have a disability.

Children like Matthew shouldn’t be going needlessly blind.

We have the medical expertise to help them, but poverty blocks them from getting treatment. And that’s where Hope Growers like you come in.

As a leader among givers, your Hope Grower gift will inspire so many other supporters to give generously on the 10th year of Miracles Day and make it possible to give the Miracle gift of sight to so many more people.

Your kindness will grow and grow in the hearts of thousands of people living in poverty. Enriching their lives. And giving them the opportunities God wants for them.

Far too many children like Matthew are born into lives affected by both extreme poverty and disability. This double disadvantage can deeply impact their future, before their life has even really begun.

As a Hope Grower, you show these vulnerable children that God is there for them, with His eternal love. You grow hope in their hearts and change lives in the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world.

You can grow hope across the world…