Give the Miracle gift of sight and change a life forever!

Sabina’s vision was getting worse by the day. If she didn’t get help soon, she would have lost her sight completely…

You can give a Miracle gift today to help children who are praying for a Miracle to prevent them from going needlessly blind.

What are Miracles made of?

  • the $33 cost of sight-saving cataract surgery
  • the 12-minutes it takes to perform
  • you

Sabina’s Miracle gift of sight

Thanks to generous people just like you, Sabina received her Miracle gift of sight.

“Her vision is very good now. I can already see huge improvement while she walks. She says she can also see far away now…” Sabina’s mother Devi says, “Thank you, Australia!”

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Miracles Day, help us make this the biggest one yet, and reach more children like Sabina, who are still praying for their Miracle gift of sight. Children like Matthew.

Matthew was just one year old when cataracts began affecting his vision

His mum and dad had no idea why he was struggling to see. They had never heard of cataracts before. The cataracts were too small to see with the naked eye. And their little boy was too young to tell them what was happening.

As Steven, Matthew’s father recalls, “When he started to sit at the age of one year, we found out that he could not see well. It was the way he was looking – always as if angry. Yet he only squints to see clearly.”

Now he is four, and life is getting harder for him every day.

As his mum, Lydia says, “Other children keep asking what is wrong with him. Some of them fear Matthew because the look in his eyes is so unusual. Even adults ask, ‘Why does he look so strange’?”

But you can change all of this for Matthew with your Miracle gift of sight today.

With your gift today, you can make Miracles possible for children like Matthew!

Lydia and Steven desperately wanted to help their son to see properly. They took him to a local clinic with hope in their hearts.

They learned about cataracts, and that there was a treatment to prevent their son from going needlessly blind.

But then their hopes were dashed when they were told the cost – more than twice what they earned in a month.

How were they supposed to survive, feed Matthew and his brother, feed themselves, pay their rent, and bills and save enough money to pay for his treatment?

Matthew’s vision got worse and began to affect his progress in school.

As his dad told us, “He couldn’t see anything on the blackboard well. The teacher told us to take him back home until he could see better.”

A 12-minute sight-saving surgery costing just $33 can transform Matthew’s life.

But without this surgery, Matthew’s vision will never get better. Steven’s greatest fear is what all of this means for his son’s long term future prospects.

“My heart feels great pain when I am thinking that my son might not be able to see anything at all one day.”

With your help, children like Matthew will stay in school. The stigma they experience will stop. They will get the education they deserve. And they will grow up living the lives God truly wants for them.

Meet some of the children who have been given the Miracle gift of sight by people like you over the last 10 years of Miracles.

Since 2013, wonderful people like you have made more than 300,000 Miracles possible for people who were going needlessly blind.


Natasha was teased so badly that she would hide away at home and never venture out.

Miracles Day supporters like you gave her sight and brought her out into the world.


Many children helped by Miracles were born with cataracts, but Quiń’s was caused by an accident. Miracle gifts like yours gave him back his sight.


Nhung once said, “If I try to see with the cataract eye, I feel pain. The more I try, the more I feel pain.” Today, thanks to generous people like you, she sees without pain.

Now Matthew is waiting for his Miracle!

Please help make the 10th anniversary of Miracles Day the biggest one yet for children like Matthew! Give a Miracle gift of sight today and make Miracles possible for people who are going needlessly blind. Thank you!

Give the Miracle gift of sight