Kenya Crisis Appeal: Your urgent gift will save precious lives

As you read this, more than 4.35 million people in Kenya are facing starvation and extreme water shortages. Many of them are children.

CBM teams are on the ground now, and urgently need your help.

Your gift today will help people with disabilities access food, clean water, medical supplies and mobility aids like crutches and wheelchairs.


Why has the crisis in Kenya gotten worse?

Kenya is struggling to survive its longest drought in 70 years. This is now the 5th consecutive season without rain.

As the land dries up, crops fail. Now, more than 4.35 million innocent people are facing starvation. The drought is killing livestock in droves… next will be children.

The conflict in Ukraine has caused food prices to soar. This means that what little food is available, most families can’t afford.

Farmers are having to choose whether to plant the little seed they have in the hope their crops will grow… or give it to their children to eat.

Your gift today will help provide people with access to food, clean water, medicine and mobility aids.

People with disabilities are doubly disadvantaged

Sofia is a young mum with a disability that makes it difficult for her to stand.

Every day, her children wake up hungry, and she has nothing to give them. Despite her disability, Sofia used to work as a casual farm labourer, doing backbreaking work in the hot sun.

But there’s been no work. The crops are drying up… and there’s nothing to harvest.

Because of her disability, Sofia is unable to walk far. So, her weak and malnourished children make the two-hour trip every day, to gather water for the family, just so they can survive.

As the drought becomes more severe, people with disabilities and their families will find it even harder to source food, water and the support they need. Their lives are at stake.

Your gift today could make all the difference!

Your gift will go to where it’s needed most

CBM teams are on the ground now, in the front line, working with over 1,000 families who are facing starvation and who need immediate support.

Your gift will help people get urgent access to food, clean water, medical supplies and mobility aids, people like Sofia and her family.

The situation has become desperate, and lives are at stake. If you can save even just one life today, we will be so grateful for your help. 

Please make an urgent gift NOW, to help people survive this devastating crisis.