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A deadly famine devastates Madagascar…

Right now, thousands of men, women and children are on the verge of starvation in southern Madagascar. People are so hungry they are resorting to eating insects and leaves just to stay alive!

Even worse… this suffering is happening while the world is looking the other way.

Will you make an urgent gift? It will immediately be used to provide life-saving supplies such as food, water and medication to families affected by disability during this famine. A family that may starve if we cannot help them.

It’s getting worse by the day…

Southern Madagascar has endured back-to-back droughts since November 2020. Crops have failed. There is no food. No water. And these catastrophic conditions are getting worse every day.

Famine has pushed 3 in 4 families to the brink of starvation! The number of severely malnourished children has doubled in the last four months.

CBM has partner staff in the field ready to provide the life-saving supplies your gift will pay for – so please don’t delay.

The people suffering the most…

As is always the care in situations like this, people with disabilities are suffering worst of all.

Many cannot physically walk to distribution points where help is provided. Others can’t hear radio broadcasts or see posters to find out where to go for help. And even if they can, they find themselves pushed aside and forced to the back of every queue.

But your urgent gift will help provide life-saving supplies directly to people with disabilities. They will be at the front of your queue.

You can help before it’s too late…

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

Your gift could provide the first proper meal a family in Madagascar has eaten for months. You may be the only hope a young growing child has to survive.

Will you act in faith today to support starving people in Madagascar?

Watch Satry Ramaroson from the CBM Madagascar team explain why the situation is so desperate.