Your faith and deeds will help save their sight – and their future

Kareena is six and Anchal is only two. Yet already their education seems to be over.

Cataracts are stealing their sight and their chance of rising out of poverty. Their father, Uttam, is already blind from cataracts, and can barely earn enough to feed his family.

Education is their best way out, but their local school can’t help girls who can’t see. Kareena has never gone to school, and without urgent surgery, she probably never will.

Your gift today will help fund cataract surgery for children like Kareena and Anchal.

Act now to give vulnerable children a future

Your donation will help bring hope and opportunity to children like Kareena and Anchal, breaking the cycle of poverty and disability.

We must act now

Cataract blindness is treatable with surgery, but it must be treated early.

Kareena and Anchal risk losing their sight permanently if the surgery isn’t performed when they’re young.

Already, Kareena is missing out on vital opportunities.

Their father, Uttam, told us:

“They cannot see beyond a few meters. Anchal cannot do anything without her mother. Kareena has never been to school – she is afraid to leave the hut.”

Uttam is also blind from cataracts and his family is trapped in a cycle of poverty. Due to blindness, he can barely earn enough to survive. He has no hope of saving for surgery.

He knows that as his daughters’ sight fades, so too do their chances of going to school and growing up to find jobs that will help them break free from poverty.

Please, will you put your faith into action now to help provide sight-saving surgery, before it’s too late?

God is answering Uttam’s prayer through you

Uttam knows the despair and devastation of going blind in an impoverished community.

He is a quiet, gentle man of 30 years. But he has known a lifetime of pain. Uttam has been going blind since he was a child. The slow advance of cataracts has kept him trapped in poverty.

“I couldn’t live in my community. Everyone made fun of me. I decided to leave the village when I was 16. I joined a group of labourers working in India. Life was extremely difficult. I earned 300 rupees ($5.50) a day after toiling 12 hours.”

Uttam had never heard of cataracts. But even if he had, with so little income he could never have saved for the surgery his daughters needed.

“I want to take care of them, but we don’t have the money to afford treatment. I prayed a lot, but my worst fears came true.”

God is answering Uttam’s prayer through you. Your faith, combined with your good deeds, can change lives. Your donation in God’s name will help shine His love on children like Anchal and Kareena.

Shining God’s love in the remotest places

With your help, we reach people where the road ends – in some of the most remote and impoverished places on earth.

Through your faith and deeds, you shine God’s love on people in extreme poverty living with disabilities.

Poverty and disability go hand-in-hand, making people with disabilities some of the poorest in the world.

Blindness is forcing Kareena and Anchal to a life of terrible poverty. Education is their best way out, but they can’t go to school.

Already they’re missing out on an education and all the skills and development which come from school.

Your faith and deeds will help break this cycle of poverty. Your gift today won’t just allow children like them to see, it will allow them to learn, thrive and make the most of every opportunity.

Please act now, before it’s too late.

Help bring hope and opportunity to children like Kareena and Anchal