Survival Garden

Survival Garden

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When her daughter was severely injured after falling from a tree it sent Hadiza into a panic.

Already struggling in harsh poverty, her daughter Mamou’s accident placed the small family under further pressure, as she required full-time care. This forced Hadiza to rely on the generosity of others to survive.

But in some West African communities where there is barely enough to provide for yourself, having extra to share is a rarity.

That’s when CBM took action.

Chosen to be guided by a local partner and taught how to farm her very own survival garden, Hadiza’s hope for the future was regained.

Her survival garden is now a flourishing sight of green amidst the dusty and arid conditions of her community.

She is growing aubergines, lemons, cassava, bananas, onions, chilli, moringa (fruit) and beans with the help of her family. She sells a lot of produce each week at the local market and is able to buy additional food supplies for her large extended family of 14 members, and assist with health costs.

Doubling the size of her survival garden since she started it four years ago, Hadiza has had ongoing training and follow-up support from CBM’s partner. Hadiza knows that her garden is a valuable source of food that will keep reproducing, and she is highly motivated to work. With Mamou now attending school in grade 3, the family has strong hope for the future.

Hadiza is also sowing seeds for the next generation. Saving a little from the income she earns each day, Hadiza plans to one day buy her daughter her very own plot of land to love and nurture herself!

*This project is funded by CBM supporters and also receives support through an Australian Aid program funded by the Australian Government.

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