I dont have fear for my children any more

I dont have fear for my children any more

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“I like to work and take care of my family,” says Vincent from his village in Central Africa. “If I imagine to be blind, this would be terrible. Because you could do nothing – you cannot work, you cannot walk round on your own.”

Vincent knows this better than most, because when the bumps under his skin began itching, he knew exactly what would follow… agony, and then darkness.

“I got those nodules under my skin and my skin was itching severely. I got headaches and my eyes started watering.”

Vincent was infected by the black fly while he was working outside near a river. Once the fly had passed on the parasite to Vincent, the worm reproduced, sending hundreds of thousands of larvae spreading through Vincent’s body and eventually to his eyes.

It was as agonising as it sounds. And the result was blindness in his left eye.

Thankfully, someone like you had compassion. CBM’s teams reached Vincent’s village to distribute the sight-saving antibiotics that kill the parasite… and not a moment too soon. Vincent recalls, “The doctor said the eyesight of my left eye could not be restored. But they hoped to save my right eye with the medicine.”

It worked! Today Vincent can see! He says, “Ever since that time I have taken the pills every year… and I don’t have fear for my children any more that they could experience the same fate as me.”

“I want to thank those who help that we get the medicine each year. It heals us. Without it, I would be a burden on my family. I wouldn’t be able to work.

He adds, “The Bible tells stories about blind people being healed. The Lord can heal us. I am so grateful.”

For a father like Vincent, saving the sight in his right eye is a powerful gift. It means he can still work to provide for his family. It means his children will not go hungry. It means they too are saved from a life of blindness.

Thank you for being God’s hands and feet on earth today, for dads like Vincent, and his wife and children!

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