“It gives you faith in human kind”

“It gives you faith in human kind”

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Whether you call our contact centre to make donations, talk about our programs or hear ways you can actively help empower those living with disabilities, our team loves to hear from you!

As Kim Magor, Supporter Relations Specialist, says, “Every call is different, but what the callers all have in common is passion for our mission and hope that we can help make a better world”.

Kim sees her job as “bridging the gap between the public and our programs”.

Others in the team describe it as “nurturing anyone who contacts CBM Australia and being the voice of our supporters”.

The team says that what sets our contact centre apart is the extraordinary generosity of the people who make CBM Australia possible. “They connect to our work in a prayerful way and really reflect the values of CBM”, says Kim.

The team particularly enjoys Miracles Day in August each year, when all our staff and volunteers jump on the phones and connect with donors responding to our campaign to give sight to over 25,000 people. 

“It’s our favourite day of the year”, said Kim, “and our supporters’ generosity is incredible – despite the tightening economic situation, they still give. It really gives you faith in human kind”.