Where The Funds Go

All gifts donated to us are used in the most efficient and effective way possible, to make sure we’re really restoring life and hope to the poorest people with disabilities.

Your help is so important: our work is made possible mainly through the support of generous Australians. We rely on people like you to support our programs and appeals so we can provide the poorest people with the critical help they need right now, as well as work together to create long-term, sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty.

You can find out more here about the projects you are helping to fund.

71 cents out of every dollar we receive goes directly to support our programs and life-changing services for the most vulnerable people and their communities.

Step 2

Where Your Donation Goes

For every $1 you donate to CBM

  • 9% Administration
    & Accountability
  • 20% Fundraising
  • 71% Programs
    & Advocacy Work