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CBM Australia Annual Report and Strategic Plan

CBM is a registered charityThe CBM Australia Annual Report tells the story of our growing impact and engagement towards an inclusive world, within a strong accountability framework. The current Report covers the 2016 calendar year, matching CBM Australia's financial year (December end). The 2016 Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements were approved by the CBM Australia Members at our Annual General Meeting on 22 May 2017.

All of our reporting speaks to our progress against the CBM Australia Strategic Plan 2014-2018. Our Strategic Plan indicates how we expect to fulfil our mission - to empower those most disadvantaged by disability to transform their lives as full members of their community.

Printed copies are available on request, without charge, by calling 1800 678 069. We welcome talking to you about any aspect of CBM Australia's reporting.

CBM Australia Annual Report 2016

CBM Australia Audited Financial Statements 2016

CBM Australia Strategic Plan 2014-2018

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