CBM Australia’s projects

Women sewing, a skill they have learned thanks to CBM and its partnersWhich countries does CBM Australia work in?
In 2016, CBM Australia supports 31 projects in 14 of the world’s poorest countries.

Can I visit a project?

It can often be difficult to arrange project visits, however you can call Linda Mwania on 1800 678 069 for further information.

How do you choose partner organisations?
CBM’s priority when working in partnership with other organisations is to develop sustainable community solutions, especially relating to healthcare, education and employment which will promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of society. We choose partners who are working towards the same vision that we are, and who all have high standards of quality and accountability in their practices.

What’s CBM’s approach to development and inclusion? Why the Human Rights approach?
CBM believes disability is a development and human rights issue. People with disabilities have the right to be included and supported in society just like anyone else. However, they are frequently excluded from their communities, particularly in the most disadvantaged societies where there are often misconceptions about disabilities and less support services available. This exclusion means that people with disabilities are often denied their basic rights such as education, rehabilitation, employment and social life... which can all lead to a life of poverty.

Working together with partner organisations and people with disabilities, CBM seeks to overcome these barriers and empower people with disabilities to lead full and active lives.

Do you engage in emergency/hunger relief?
Yes, however we believe that the best way to help people who have a disability or who are at risk of disability is to provide long-term, sustainable programs and facilities. However, when conflict, famine or natural disaster affect an area where we have existing partner organisations and projects, we will work to provide whatever assistance we can through these local partners to help those in need, and make sure people with disabilities are not left out.

Does CBM Australia do child sponsorship?
No, we work with the poorest people using community strategies including ‘community-based rehabilitation’ programs. These aim to help not only the individual but their families and communities in long-term and sustainable ways such as education and livelihood opportunities. However, you can make an ongoing commitment to help reach the most vulnerable people with disability by becoming a Regular Supporter.

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