It was just like any other day. Only today, playtime ended in disaster.

At just nine years of age, Quin had an accident that almost cost him his sight.

A busy and energetic boy, Quin was at home playing with sticks when suddenly one flicked up into his eye.

Tragically, the trauma caused a cataract and, in an instant, this little boy with his whole future ahead of him risked a lifetime of partial blindness.

Quin’s mother was devastated when she realised how badly her son had hurt his eye.

“I was worried about his future, how he would work at school if he lost his eye,” she said. “I could not eat or sleep ... I just cried ...”

Quin desperately needed a Miracle.

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Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Quin got the Miracle he needed. A CBM-trained doctor saw him at his local hospital and quickly referred him for sight restoring surgery.

Quin’s sight was restored and he can now look forward to a future full of possibilities.