Grace's story

Grace in a wheelchairGrace’s mother was lucky – she was able to get to the hospital near her village, and safely deliver her daughter without any complications. But after Grace came down with fever at three months old, she developed Cerebral Palsy.

Grace’s Cerebral Palsy – the uncontrollable body posture and movements that occur because some of the brain’s motor control centres have been damaged – made it nearly impossible for her to speak, or move around on her own.

At first Grace’s mother took her daughter to the hospital regularly but soon it became too expensive. The family couldn’t afford the help Grace needed, so Grace was forced to miss out on going to school and making friends.

This little girl’s future looked bleak – until Grace’s mother heard about CBM’s partner workers who visited villages throughout Tanzania, helping children like Grace.

Grace in a wheelchair Thanks to regular physiotherapy, training to help her with basic daily tasks, and mobility aids and a wheelchair provided by CBM, Grace is now in school and moving around on her own!

She’s learning so much, and joking and laughing with her fellow classmates everyday – her hearty laughter is a testament to the way her life has been transformed through the generosity of CBM’s supporters!.